How to cook lentils and Spanish Lentils with Chorizo

I love cooking Lentils. Me and the lentils, have come a long way. We use to not like each other, jaja, better say, I used to not like them; but little by little they made their way into my good list. At the beginning they were name "Come y Calla", that if translated means "Eat and be quiet" , because that is what my mom will tell me during lunch time. (about 3 pm, when i returned from school)

There are probably 1001 ways to make lentils, from soups to salads and dips, etc. The most traditional for me is  like a stew with a sofrito, meat or no meat required, in Peru we serve them with rice and sometimes a cheap cut of meat to serve over or on the side of the lentils, hey, I have seen fried eggs serve with it, chorizos, hot-dogs, or fry fish, or pork chop. 

I have here some lentils I made keeping Spanish Cuisine in mind. There is a basic cooking part in this recipe and that is the way of cooking your lentil legume before adding any flavors in mind. After that you choose your preparation.


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