Seafood BasicTips for Buying and Storing

I have so little seafood here, that over layering is not a big deal, but if buying a good amount follow the rule of not overlaying the seafood.

Is sometimes funny to me, the places where I can find some free time to do what I like. After what it is a big crazy hour at the morning, waking up, breakfast (failed), a quick cup of coffee, fighting with my kid, for him not to take electronics to school, with of course having to explain again the reasons why?. I find my self at work, more early than I expected. My options, sit in my car and freeze or do something. I check, Barnes and Noble, is close; sad face, Starbucks is luckily open !! 
I can pick a picture I have and do what I like the most! To write about food!!!



In Utah is very hard to buy seafood, most of the time we get the frozen stuff. LOL, but even if is frozen we need to identify certain things.

  • Buy from a reputable place, when buying ask then for a glove and softly touch your product, it should be firm and by no means mushy. It should also smell like fish, a crisp fresh fish smell, but not fishy with a sour odor. If you are buying whole fish, check the gills, they should be bright in a deep red burgundy color ( at least I remember that !, is been a long time I don't buy fresh fish, only defrosted fresh, lol ). If you are buying shellfish, choose the ones that are still moving, if you are getting them frozen, again make sure is a reputable place. The last thing you want to do is: To eat a bad shellfish, it could give you a bad allergy reaction that will stack to you for life.

  • How to save your seafood after you bring it home, this goes for fresh or frozen; place a large tray, then a perforated tray over the first one, and place the seafood in a single layer in the perforated tray. Place a bag of crushed ice over it (make sure that if the ice defrost, it won't leak over the seafood) and cover with plastic wrap. When I do mine at home, I buy so little that is not necessary to get a large tray I do it over a mesh colander and a bowl. Why? you might ask? Because if our seafood sits on its own defrosting liquid it becomes mushy and goes bad faster, the texture of the fish will be grainy and mushy. Remember that when you are to cook your fish one of the first recommendations is to: "Pat your fish dry". This goes for all the individually frozen bags, open your fish the day before you need it, defrost it the way is written above, do not leave inside those bags, the liquid will have no place to go and your fish will be so wet and mushy. 

"Do As I Say, Not As I Do, I bought a medley, my shellfish is definetly dead; but I trust Smith's Market Place, very much, specially the one I go here in Lehi, where I live.

At the end, it occupies a good space, but I am sure that for tomorrow it will be complete defrosted and in good condition.


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