Easy Oven French Fries (Roasting)

This Potato French Fries, are as easy, as it gets!!! they will take you about 15 minutes and a ton less fat that the regular deep fried ones. 

To get really nice looking Oven French Fries you only need:

Oven at 450*F, 500*F if convectional
2 or 3 potatoes, cut for fries (Starchy Potatoes makes the best fries)
a bowl, large enough to fit the potatoes
2 Tbsp of Oil
a pinch of Paprika (Smoked is best)
A Sheet pan

Place all potatoes inside the bowl, toss with the oil and paprika. Arrange on the sheet pan (making sure to not over layer the potatoes); and take to the preheated oven until golden and crisp looking, about 15 minutes.

A word about Roasting

Roasting means that you are cooking indirectly by heat. Meaning that the hot air inside the oven will cook your product. When Roasting meats make sure to raise your proteins so that the air goes around all of the protein. Though, when Roasting Vegetables actually place them on the baking sheet pan, this will allow for a better contact and quick evaporation of the water that all vegetables contains, the high temperature of the oven will quickly convert it into hot steam that will cook your vegetable faster, but with out been too much steam. If you over layer the vegetables the amount of steam will increase and your oven will steam instead of roast; vegetables will be bland and color will be as if you steam them, you will try and cook them more so that you achieve color and then you will actually over cook them. Roasting accordingly will leave you with great vibrant colors in a short time period, as well as sweeter vegetables. ALSO, do not add salt before roasting vegetables, add salt as they come out of the oven, salt drains the water out of the vegetable and it will create more steam in the oven.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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