Pate A Choux, Profiteroles

Hello Again, If you came to my class at Sur La Table, I apologized again for not having achieve this recipe during our class time. Baking sometimes is a bit unpredictable and recipes are temperamental. Baking recipes are a bit like formulas into my opinion; but a little love, patience and learning what went wrong can help us change that.

Not think that because of one or two recipes that went wrong in your book all of them will be like that. Sometimes for the person that wrote the recipe in the first time, it did work!! but then down the line, we could have change something; eggs could have been smaller, flour could have been measure different, oven was hotter or not that hot, a bit more or less more of flour could change that to !!!

I am going to give you here a recipe I like, it is from my School Book, but of course I already change it a bit, because as I mentioned before we need to adapt recipes/formulas to where we are making them.

1 Cup Water or Milk* (please weight the water, 8 oz cups are sometimes off and not measure the same)
1/2 Stick Butter (by weight 2 oz) (unsalted)
2 oz Crisco
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 1/4 tsp salt
5 & 3/4 oz of All Purpose Flour
4 Extra Large Eggs Room Temperature

It took me more than I expected to come back to finish this recipe. I had have a few busy days, between cakes, food, teaching, and been a MOM !!! but here is the other part of the recipe.

First of all let's go into some pointers!!! Not every oven will have the same temperature; and for Pate A Choux dough/batter, you will need a high temperature oven to start and give the dough a quick start. Also the less you open your oven, the better it is, specially in the first 20 minutes.
Another pointer will be, to understand that this dough/batter will create a hollow pastry and that steam is what makes this happen; but as well as it make it happen it also will flatten up if you do not puncture a little hole into the finish product to allow the last of the steam to be released.

  1. Turn your oven to 425* F
  2. Prepare a Sheet Pan lined with Parchment paper. If you do not trust that you will make, same size drops of dough, then using a circle shape make a template on the parchment paper. Spacing the circles 2" apart.
  3. Bring the liquid, Butter, Crisco, Sugar and Salt to a quick boil.
  4. Remove from heat, and incorporate the flour. Add the flour and quickly stir with either a heat spatula or a wooden spoon. After is well incorporated, keep stirring and return to the heat. Never stop stirring. When the mixture looks like a ball of dough that does not separate. Stop
  5. Transfer to mixer, fit with a scraping paddle. Mix alone for at least 3 minutes, to make sure there is no steaming when ewe add the eggs.
  6. When the steaming subside and dough feel cool to the touch. Add 1 egg at a time. It will take about 1 Cup of eggs to do the job. 4 extra large eggs should do it. if working with smaller eggs, just measure them. Sometimes it does not take the full cup of eggs. Mixture should be shiny, some sort of a batter, but thick enough to shape when piping.
  7. Place inside a decorator bag, fit with a large plain tip. Pipe to the desire size.
  8. Take them to the hot oven, for a 2.5 inch size, time 10 minutes, then lower the heat to 400*F, time 10 more minutes, then lower to 375*F then go for 5 or 10 more minutes depending of the look. If the bottoms are gold and the sounds of the pastry if bring it close to your ear sounds like little tiny thunders, then they are ready. Pock a hole into each round (use a a cake taster stick, introduce and wiggle to enlarge the hole a tiny bit and ready!!!) and bring to a cooling rack.
  9. Fill with the patisserie cream and cover with the Ganache. Also good with whipped cream and glazed fruits; and dip the tops y caramel candy. 

If you were at the class, you might get confused with the quickly beating. As you guys remember I was trying to save something that was coming out wrong, and my eyes were seen that !! and I was trying to fix it. This recipe I have use several times is a combination of my culinary arts book, my Le Cordon Book Book and a few tv shows. Also I Chose to use Crisco, because shortening stabilizes the butter when bake.

Milk will give you a richer product, while water will give you more Crisp finish product. I always go for Crispier, because they will last longer and are easier to achieve.

Also I personally use this recipe for sweet and salt. Because I do fill that taking away the sugar when preparing, it takes away part of the structure. So, no need to change nothing in this recipe unless you want to experiment of course. If you do so, I encourage you to please comment, so that people will learn from you !!!

Don't forget this recipe makes, Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Profiteroles,

Check back after weekend for more pics, I will put pictures for the steps and for different things you can make with this dough/batter


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