Menu #1

I usually don't do this, but i heard it from so many already, that organizing what to eat is half the battle; I know it is, even for my self, that I can really whip out anything, but sometimes in the past anything did not meant that my girls were going to like it. Having a menu for your week actually helps. first, you won't be visiting the store more than once. Second, it really controls your budget not only in the way that you won't be spending extra gas going around, but you will also have left over for lunch the next day, and it will be a much better lunch. Third, you will save some of your time and you will have fun explaining your family new cuisines.
This menu have food from Peru, Sweden, Italy and India. Take the time to tell kids how they live in foreign places, take the time to explore new ingredients. Meals are not only there to be eaten, but to understand how they got there. In my times I could only imagine. Today I just need to do a google search, I invite you to do this. Tell your families about the crazy Peruvians that eat lots of starchy food, or tell them how the naan bread is cook on the walls of the Tandoor Oven, have fun making noodles, talk to them about Marco Polo. 

Served with White Rice and Beans
topped with a Salsa Criolla

Swedish Meatball, served with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables

Shredded Chicken in Sauce made from Sofrito, Celery, Hot Yellow Peppers;
and thickened with bread. Don’t be skeptical about this dish, some people kind of is, because they find weird that the sauce is thickened with bread; but if you think about it all sauces are thickened with flour, and bread is nothing else more than flour.

This served with egg noodles, Parmesan Cheese and Bread Sticks

Chicken Curry, served with Jasmine Rice and Naan Bread

To make easy all of  your nights, shop for all your ingredients all at once.
Here you can print off the shopping list for Menu # 1, But be ware that the recipes are for a family of 6, and that de Aji de Gallina is good for about 10 to 12 persons; also you are shopping for salad and dressings. But my favorite dressing is just lime, oil, salt toss with my greens right before eating.
Read this post about Salads, I like to cut and chop for my salad only once or twice a week.
Fill in your own needs on the list.
Print your recipes, clip them in your fridge door, and read in your free time about the costumes of the countries you are experiencing this weeks, or research trivia about the dishes or cultures.
Don't forget to read through recipes before you make them; and if any questions arrive, please just shoot me a question on the comments, I hope i did not miss anything, please have fun.

PS, I usually just make 3 Cups of rice and that might last me the whole week, just make sure yu cool it before you put it in a tapper-ware. Is also a great thing to feed the picky eaters with, just give them rice and a fried egg and banana.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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