Fuchifu Soup

Sopita Fuchifu is a type of Egg Dropped Soup, this soup used to be a treat for me, when I was young, because in Peru premade products were not in our daily menu or the pockets of my family, Knorr was the brand of soups that made this Fuchifu Soup. I always dreamed of knowing how to do it.
Well, since long ago I learned how to do it, and I will share that with you. Always with the expectation that my kids will enjoy and do all this recipes, and who knows even spoil their mama one day, when she grows old and not capable of doing her own cooking. I hear that when we grow old we really are like kids again, and this soup have my inner child all the way.


1 tsp of oil
Porcini Mushrooms, steep in warm water, and diced really small.
4 stalks of Green Onions, sliced fine, only the white parts
6 Cups Chicken Stock, either make it or use a good can bouillon.
Ginger Powder, I usually do this to taste, add 1 or 2 tsp and taste if you need more.
Corn Starch, 1 heaping Tblsp diluted in 2 Tblsp of Water.
2 eggs
The green parts f the Green Onions, sliced fine.


Heat a Stain Steel Pot, preferable, add oil, porcini (only the mushroom, reserve the liquid), and the white part of the onions. Saute quickly and incorporate the ginger. Immediately add the stock and reserved porcini liquid.

When the liquid starts boiling, add salt and taste. At this point add more ginger if desired.  After and while the liquid is boiling, incorporate the corn starch, You are looking for a somehow, lightly thicken Consomme, not a pudding.

After your liquid is lightly thicken, bring your boil down to a quick simmer. In a bowl, with the help of a fork, quickly beat one egg at the time. Slowly poor the egg into the simmering pot, and with a wooden spoon, with a pushing back move, push the egg back as soon as it touches the liquid. No sudden movement, just slow and steady, let the threads of egg form. Repeat with the second egg.

Turn off, add the green part of the onions and serve. Some people like to drizzle Soy Sauce. Not my case, but you are welcome to try it!!!

Why Corn Starch,

If you want the eggs to sort of linger around and you do it just on boiling water, the cooking of the egg will look like curled,"Cortado", also they will sink to the bottom. With the Corn starch the liquid is heavy and allows the egg to float.
Chinese Cuisine relays on the use of corn starch  or arrow root to thicken most of their sauces.

Have Fun and Enjoy Cooking !!!


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