Paella # 2

I know that many will get bumped down with a long recipe, but please don't once you make paella once, it will get easier, every time. I love making it, and please love it too!! food from the heart is the best!!!

If you can’t go to Spain, bring Spain to your home. In an attempt to replicate the  intricate flavors of this rice dish,I have mix the flavors of 3 types of meats, The Original Paella comes from the Region of Valencia, Paella takes it’s name after the word Paelle which means pan, so at the end the word paella is simple the name of the pan that paella is usually made in. There are many types of Paella now days, but one thing remains and is that the Paellera, Paella-Pan, needs to be shallow and made of steel, in that way the rice have plenty space to cook, and is best if you get a nice crunchy layer of rice at the bottom.  Also one ingredient that gives Paellla its complex taste is the Saffron,the little pistils from the Saffron Flower give the Paella its characteristic yellow-orange color and the full fragrant and aromatic taste.
I learned to do Paella for the first time from my husband's cousin, he is a dentist that really loves cooking. He was in those days a very fun bachelor and loved partying, he made Paella's even on night clubs. I remember him in his tiny kitchen making paella and explaining what he knew with a lot of excitement. It gives me a melancholic feeling about those days, how young we were and how simple life was, all together around a single pan of food, drinking wine, drinking beer and waiting for the rice to be ready. Cheers and Thanks to Manuquito. Years have pass and I have learn more secrets to Paella to those that he told me about long time ago. I have made this Paella with a combination of Shrimp, Chicken, Chorizo; and Vegetables, one of the few combinations I usually make at home, that is why I named it "Paella # 2".

What Would you need!!!

A quick Chicken and Sea Food stock (about 4 to 5 Cups)
Saffron Threads, a pinch ( a little go a long way)
When your stock is ready and still hot, place the saffron threads in it, cover to allow to steep. Reserve.
Chorizo (bratwurst, precook and slice. Cook bratwurst by braising them with beer.)
Chicken Tights
Olive Oil, as need it
Large or Medium size Shrimp, about 24, lightly season with cumin, crushed pepper and sea salt.
White Wine, 1/4 Cup
Sofrito from 1 small onion, don't forget the minced Garlic (2 medium cloves)
1/4 each bell peppers, red and green, diced
1/2 Cup Tomato Concasse , crushed or small chopped with all an its juice.
Smoked Paprika
Fresh Ground Pepper
2 Cups of Rice, Choose a short grain rice, the best quality you can find. I will do later a post with the type of rices around, but if you find a risotto rice with a white center that will be your rice!!!
Reserve Steep Stock
Green Peas
Green beans
Roasted Red and Green Peppers, 1/4 of each, Slice thick and preferably in wedges. If you have the roasted red peppers done ahead of time is better. Sometimes Costco sells the Tazzo Red Peppers, when I have those I do not bother with making my own, and then I only use one color of the peppers.

How To Make It !!!

Let the fun begin, after you have gather all your ingredients around the spot that you are planning to cook at, gather a few friends that will help you eat it!!!, about 6 should work. Also put some nice upbeat music, and gather some goblets for the wine you will drink while cooking. Place a small block of cheese, olives, a hard rustic bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (i love the one with figs).


Grab your paella, heat it, add oil and heat through.
Immediately start browning the pieces of chicken tights, making sure not to overwhelm the paella-pan, lightly season them with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. After is all browned, reserve.
Heat the paella-pan again and add more oil as well, quickly add the Shrimps and saute them, as soon as they turn its color, add the wine. Braise for less than a minute and reserve with all and the juices.
One more time reheat the paella-pan, add oil, and this time place in your pre-made sofrito and all the rest of the ingredients that come on the following section. Mix them well, while stirring with a wooden spoon. Add more oil.
Now add the rice and mix well with the Sofrito Mix, when you are sure that its all well mixed; incorporate the reserve stock, only 4 cups. Add the reserve chicken pieces and the sliced chorizo, arranging them on the pan, so that they will be spread apart.
at this point quickly taste, and re-season with sea salt and pepper. Cover with Aluminum Foil and cook on medium high for 10 minutes.
Uncover, check if it needs more liquid and arrange this time the green peas and green beans, cover back up for 5 minutes. on medium low.
After this time has pass, uncover again and add the Shrimps and Mussels (if Any), also arrange them nicely on top, and the roasted peppers as well, place fire on very low and do a quick oil pass.(go around the edges of the paella-pan and add the oil, the oil will run under neat the pan, to help make the crust rice on bottom), Cover and leave for 5 more minutes or until rice is drier. After fire is off. keep cover for at least 5 to 10 more minutes.

Congrats, you made Paella, share and laugh with your friends

While you wait with your friends, make a lemon aioli, a quick pickle salad of Tomatoes, Red Onion , and mint. And don't miss out dessert. Make some Roasted Whole Apples filled with Pine-Nuts and Brown Sugar. Or even just a nummy Pistachio Ice Cream.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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