Pastina Chicken Soup

Even so Summer is already here, I always welcome a bowl of soup; a soup for me takes away any pain, physically or non-physically; when you have had a long day or sometimes a long night, a bowl of soup is what your body requires. Here is this soup that I just made up !!!


4 quarts pot
Bones of 1 chicken
pinch of salt
1 large bay leaf
1 large starchy potato, shredded
1 carrot, shredded
1 stalk celery, very small diced
1/4 cup Star shaped Pastina
Cilantro, small chopped


Place the bones and the first part of the ingredients into the pot and cover with cold water. When the boiling starts, bring down to a simmer. "Make sure to remove the white foam that forms after the first boil,"  after that add the garlic and at least 1 teaspoon of salt. Allow to simmer until bones are cook.

Remove the bones from the pot and pick to get all the meat out and reserve whatever you get from the flesh.

Mean while, add to the pot the vegetables and simmer until the vegetables are almost cook. befre the vegetables are done, add the pastina and the reserved chicken, and cook until pastina is ready, it will be just a few minutes , maybe 5.

Turn it off, and add the chopped cilantro. Re-season with salt, o taste and serve.

Have Fun and Enjoy !!!


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