Chilaquiles from Left Over Nachos

A while ago my friend Martha invite me over for breakfast, she is from Mexico and one dish we enjoy for breakfast that day was, Chilaquiles. I think the fact that I was going to visit her today, made me remember this dish. Been me, which means I do not like to throw away anything that can still be eaten, We had nacho grande for dinner and one portion was left. I made a really yummy breakfast for meeee!!!!!!, sadly my husband had already left for work.

Chilaquiles con Huevo


1. 1 portion of any nacho or nacho grande left over.
2. oil as needed it.
3. 1/2 cup enchilada sauce
4. 1 egg
5. water if need


1. Heat pan and add oil, brush your pan thoroughly.
2. Incorporate the left over nachos, and saute it a couple times.
3. Add enchilada sauce, let it boil, it will happen quick, at that moment decide if you need to add some water.
4. push the tortillas to the sides like making a nest, then make sure you have enough liquid and open the egg in the middle.
5. Cover and wait until is ready, egg should be like a poached egg.
6. Salt Pepper to taste and serve. Make it in a small cast iron, the ones that are like a plate, you will feel that is coming out of a restaurant. Make some pico de gallo, put some sour cream and guacamole and complete your experience.

My comments

* make sure enchilada sauce is spicy and full of flavor. most of the time at home we keep cans, you can make it from scratch or rectify the flavor of a can sauce to your liking.
* you can use red sauce instead.
* use corn tortillas, like the original Chilaquiles. maybe adding cooked diced chicken. and beans,
* if using beans, make sure you rinse and drain very well.
* sprinkle queso fresco on top.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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