Anticuchos, Beef Heart Kabobs


I am due in posting this recipe, but better later than never.
For all of you, that had has the chance to visit Peru, you know very well what Anticuchos are !!! 
For those that NOT, well here you have; marinated pieces of heart beef in Peruvian Hot Red Peppers and spices, The marinate penetrates the meat with the maceration time, to then give you an aromatic and robust taste of beef. 

I remember when I was young, if I wanted an Anticucho, I needed it to wait for the night to come. Right when the sunset came, the cart of foods got to their well know spots. That was the time for a yummy treat. Served in a leave of Corn Husk and a couple of slices of potatoes which of course they gave you an Aji sauce to eat it with. You could smell the Anticuhos from a block away, your mouth waters, while your feet walk faster and faster to get to that spot and you hope to be the first or to at least get some, is not like they have a ton to sell, is a first come, first serve basis. Just for you to know this yummy dish did not replace your dinner, jaja, it was just a after or before dinner. 

I was lucky enough that Anticuchos was not only something that we got on the streets, my mom and dad made them too, more like my dad will say, "Julia, Anticuchitos" then gave my mom money to do the shopping. We will race to the street market, thou for meat we went inside where they sold the meat, and buy 1 or 2 big hearts. Then my mom made them, and lucky for me me she always talked while putting it together. (I might not remember my kids names, but I remember her voice and her recipes) Then, the some how tedious part, that was to insert the meat into the sticks, I assume that we might have done more that 2 hearts, because it was a lot and also many people came, because my dad invited everyone to come. We called it Anticuchada, meaning you will eat Anticuchos until you are staffed. Plus the potatoes, sauces, salad, desserts, Coke and Inka-Kola, Chicha Morada (Purple Corn Drink); and let's not forget the music. this happen with no reason sometimes, just because food taste better in good company.

Enjoy this recipe, even if is a bit of extra work, it will be worth your time. And you will gain an experienced that you only get when traveling.


About 3 lb of Beef Heart
4 Tbsp Aji Colorado ( Peruvian Red Hot Peppers)
2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Cumin
1/2 tsp Fine Ground Pepper
1 Tbsp Garlic Pure
1 Tbsp Granulated White Sugar
4 Tblsp Oil
The juice and zest of 1 orange
1 tsp soy sauce
Salt, to taste
Bamboo Skewers or Get the Metal Skewers, I like them best
A Hot Grill
A Basting Brush
Potatoes, Boiled, peel and Slice. For Serving
Huancayna Sauce
A Simple Salad


Image result for open heart beef

Prep the Beef Heart; with a well sharpen fillet knife, skin the heart, carefully to not take the good meat out while doing this, This means, half the heart length wise and then place the inside part flat on your board. Start trimming all the white fat out and the glossy otter layer of the heart  (if not, your heart will be stringy and tough). After you are done with the out area, flip the heart and start cleaning the inside, same idea get the shiny inside skin out, as well as the veins.

Now, clean up your board, get rid of all the waste part and lets section your heart. To do this you have to consider certain rules of cooking; if you cut different sizes, they will cook at different times. Meaning that all of your pieces need to be about the same size, or you will end up with some of them cook perfect and other ones under cook, or worst over cook.
Cut them in about 2 inch by 2 inch and about 1/2 inch thick. (I will take a picture and edit later next week). Reserve in a large bowl.

Make your marinade, and taste it for salt, before adding the heart into it.
Cover and place in the refrigerator, for about 8 hours. If you are not doing a bunch, a zip-lock bag works great.

After the 8 hours, gather the family, if possible, and start inserting the pieces of heart into the skewers. Place them in a large sheet pan, cover and reserve, for at least 1 hour before grilling. Reserve all the marinate juice.

Measure the marinate juice you have left and add oil to it, rule of thumb 1 part marinate to 1 part oil.
Place this on a jar.

Getting ready your grill, turn it on, scrape and brush, When it is starting to get hot, soak a dish towel with oil and rub the griddles with it. Then allow the grill to get hotter and repeat the oil rubbing. When the grill is very hot, grab a clean dish towel, soak it up again in oil and rub the griddles, but this time leaving a bit of a layer of oil on it. 

Immediate after the last step is done, place your Anticuchos on the grill, and bast them with the marinate. Allow them to grill on that side for about 2 minutes, then turn them and grill them for another 2 minutes. Depending on the thickness of your meat, you will repeat this step, and don't forget to bast the meat every time. Anticuchos should be done when the meat inside is still a touch rare. An I mean a touch.  They will be juice and full of flavor. Eat immediately. 


When making Anticuchos, have the party come to you, because one person will be at the grill, so place the grill in the middle of the party, put music, and...

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!! 


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