Classic Breaded Fried Chicken

I thinks Fried Chicken is one of the most favorites of all the American's Homes.  I love making this chicken because is one meat that everyone in my family agreed with. I recently made chicken for a party, and the last time I made chicken was for another party. I end up last week making this chicken 2 times. That is why I decide to better give you the recipe for a large party instead of just your family. Also the chicken freezes perfectly, you could do this preparation and reserve the rest for other day that you are busy. I will explain how to freeze properly after the recipe.


Chicken, about 40 pieces of chicken, prep the way you prefer (for larger pieces skinned is best, drumsticks and wings do not need skinning).
Flour Mixture
2 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 Tblsp Homemade Seasoning Salt
1/2 Tblsp Salt
1 tsp Freshly Grounded Pepper
Egg Mixture
6 Medium Eggs
1 Cup Water or Milk
1/2 Tblsp Homemade Seasoning Salt
1/2 Tblsp Salt
Panko Mixture
16 Oz Panko, Japanese Breading
2 Cups All Purpose Flour
4 Tblsp Homemade Seasoning Salt
1/2 Tblsp Salt
1 tsp Freshly Grounded Pepper
Oil, for deep frying, about 1 quarts


  • Gather a cutting board, 3 large bowls, and a sheet pan.
  • Prep the chicken (cut in sections & skinned if need it)

  • Arrange the chicken on the cutting board and seasoned with the homemade seasoning salt on both sides ( if chicken is to cold make sure to leave the chicken on the cutting board for a little while, just cover with plastic wrap and leave out)

  • On one of the bowls combine the flour mixture, on the second bowl combine the egg mixture, and on the third one, combine the Panko mixture.

  • Arrange all the parts on a horizontal line (if possible) 

   Image result for cutting board with chicken       Image result for empty bowls clip artImage result for empty bowls clip artImage result for empty bowls clip art
"Cutting Board With Chicken"             "Flour Mixture"           "Egg Mixture"          "Panko Mixture"

Image result for sheet pan 
"Complete Breaded Chicken"

  • In order, pass the chicken from the cutting board to the flour mixture, pat really good; making sure you get flour in all the little crooks of the chicken,including under the skin (like in the case of drumsticks). Then, into the Egg Mixture; making sure again of coating the chicken really good. Shake a little and pass it to the Panko mixture; here, press the Panko mixture to the chicken to make a good crust. Place the chicken on the sheet pan. Repeat until all chicken is done.

  • When all the chicken is done, take the chicken to the freezer for at least 30 minutes, mean while get the rest of your accompaniments done, and 5 minutes before bringing out again, heat the oven to 400*F, and heat the oil in a large pot. (large enough to hold at least 3 chicken at the time).

  • After the 30 minutes had past, bring the chicken out and drop it into the hot oil. Make sure you give the chicken a nice browning all around. (only browning, because you will finish cooking it in the oven). When it is browned transfer to the sheet pan. 

  • When all the chickens are done browning, place the sheet pan into the oven, for around 20 minutes until internal temperature reaches 185*F, or the juices are clear.


To freeze the chicken: instead of freezing for 30 minutes, cover the chicken with plastic wrap and freeze for about 6 hours, then transfer the chicken to zip-lock freezer bags and keep in the freezer until ready to use them.

Serve with a favorite sauce like Ranch or BBQ, or, gravy.

Have fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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