State Dessert Challenge 1

My awesome husband, knowing how much I love anything that is related to food and cooking, had give me a challenge. He read in msn an article that call his attention, "each State have a typical dessert that represents it".

He wants me to stop making dessert any week day, except in the weekends, because he does not resist the temptation to eat more than his allotted portion. He sneaks out of bed and always eat 1 or 2 extra portions, and he says to me that there is such a thing as a PRE-BREAKFAST.

Now, I don't think i have to stop making desserts during the week, but I am going to to take on his challenge, this is the link for that article if someone wants to read it, is pretty fun and I love the interactive map. State Desserts

I'm exited, because there are so many desserts, some of them I heard and even eat before. But some other ones I have not. There is a couple of them, that I feel a bit disgusted to make them, forevermore, eat them. And there  is only one that i will have to improvise because I do not plan to use illegal ingredients, is called Pot Candy from Colorado, I will make the recipe leaving the bad staff out.

My husband wants a minimum of 1 dessert per week, if the week is appropriate I will make more than one. These is going to be fun. If you are reading this and you are familiar with one of the states, please send me your favorite recipe so that i can try different ones. i will post the final recipe and a picture.

My blog is to post mostly recipes, and i will keep up with that, but let's play. Sounds like fun.

I say my good byes and i think I will start in alphabetical order, that will be Alabama for the weekend, but i am not positive, my husband is saying that because i have only make Baked Alaska two times and he loves it, and that will give him Baked Alaska  the weekend after the next. He loves Ice cream, One time he showed up with 15 gallons of ice cream, because it was on sale.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


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