Learning to Cook

Arroz Tapado from the Nicolini Book, which is been my companion book since the beginning of my times as a mom.

I love recipes, and just like many others I learned to cook new and exiting recipes from books, (with out counting all those recipes my mom wrote for me when I was young, those were my really first ones) recipes allowed me to learn many things, it was so exiting for me to read a recipe as for others to read a novel.

I remember gathering my ingredients to try to cook with the girl in TV, channel 4, during the mornings, her name was Teresa Ocampo and she was the Peruvian Julia Child, never had one of her books, but tried and wrote her recipes in a notebook I did. There was also the Nicolini Book, you could not get married with out it. I have mine and my kids have theirs.

In these late years the internet have open new ways to get a hold of recipes, but sadly not everyone write the recipes with the main goal that is sharing the knowledge behind the recipe. There is a few chefs i really like, as I was talking to my girlfriend today, I rounded up to 4, one of them been Ramsey, if you pull a video or a recipe from him and you understand cooking really well then is awesome, then Rachelle Ray she is nice and reminds me of Teresa Ocampo, homey food she is great !!, I like to see her programs but I am not trill with her books or magazines, maybe I like to see her and her cute smile which I cannot see in the books, jaja. Julia Child, she impress me, except by the butter because I do not like to use as much butter, but everything else I like.

Now, to choose one Chef from all of them, that I really like and that I have make his recipes step by step, I'll have to go with my favorite from all and he is Alton Brown, the guy is just simple awesome, he hit that right spot with me. Because I love Food, History and enjoy Science, specially food science. His program is practically what they teach you in cooking school, more than that while I was in culinary school at the MATC many times the teachers will use his videos to teach us specific subjects. some days our class was to watch his videos. It was during that time I got to know his program. I usually don't rely on recipes anymore, I have a good memory (but only for recipes ), but if I am to make something new I will definitely look up Alton Brown's recipes first.

From little notes that my mom wrote with cooking recipes step by step to all the books and cooking TV shows, and of course the TIME, the time I have spent cooking, all that is part of me. I always hope for my girls and boy to always keep cooking, and always with the hope that when they look for my recipes, they could find who their mother really was.

My Mother, Julia Caballero Salazar, I love you mamita.


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