Caramel Bread Budin

Even so, Bread Budin have its origins in french cuisine, bread budin is a world wide dessert. Any where that bread is eaten, we will find a version of this dessert. 
Its popularity to my opinion is based in the fact that is an economic dessert, where we can give old bread or even old cakes a new life. Every bakery in Peru have its own Bread Budin, some of them better than the other one. 

Bakeries have their own kind of delivery guys, thou I think they are independent, they come to the bakery right on time and put the bread and pastry goodies in their box, then, they go on bicycling to the areas not as close to the bakery, they make their horn sound and we ladies go running right after them, or they stand on a set corner where we all know they will be. Or if you are lucky, like I was, he will hung your bag of bread on your door at around 5 to 6 am, and come to get paid once  a week.

Here is a picture of a Bread Seller, so that you may have a picture in mind when reading the next part. Thou it is not our panadero.

My husband used to buy so many bread budins, that I ask our panadero (bread delivery guy) not to sell him anymore, I told him "from now on I wont pay you the bread budins he eats", so our delivery guy pedal faster when my husband came out, or when he knocked in the streets with him. Only if Jose caught up to him, he will sell him the goodies; and only if he got paid right away for those as well. I am laughing, because I can still see vivid thoughts in my memory of one time that I saw my husband chasing him rapidly through the calm streets of our neighborhood, kids were applauding to my husband and my girls throwing hurrahs to their dad when he came back triumphantly with goodies for them and him. Marcela had the biggest Orejon dulce, or at least it looked big because she was so tiny. And Bianca said I wanted an ice cream. And Jose bought himself 2 pieces of Budin. Well Lets not make the story any longer.Now is time for you to make your own Budin and your own story.


Raisins,1/2 Cup; soaked on 1/2 Cup of bourbon or port
About 8 Cups of Bread, is best if is a day old.
Milk,2 Cups at room temperature or warm if bread is hard.
Eggs, 4 large eggs, well beaten
Sugar, about 1 Cup more or less, taste
Cinnamon, 1 tsp
Ground Cloves, 1/4 tsp
Salt, 1/2 tsp
Vanilla, 1/2 Tblsp
Sugar, 1 Cup
1/2 Cup Water
lime or lemon, a few drops
pinch salt


1. First thing to do is to soak the bread in the milk, using your hands break up the bread, no big chunks should be left. Rest it for 1 hour, but at least 1/2 hour.

2. In a different container soak the raisins, if possible the day before.

3. When the bread is well soaked, incorporate the eggs, sugar and spices. Mix well and hold/reserve. Turn oven on at 350*F.
4. Cook your sugar; mix all in a heavy bottom pot  and cook sugar undisturbed, until it takes an amber color. Get ready your mold, cover a fluted mold on all sides, be careful the heat transfer quickly, use a spoon to cover the walls of the mold and a pot holder to hold the pot while doing it.

5. Place the Reserve mixture into the caramelized mold and cook in a bain marie for around 1 hour to hour and a half. Budin should look hard to the touch, but not a lot. use the stick to make sure is cook inside.

6. Unmold the next day or if you plan to eat it warm, wait 1/2 hour. make a bourbon sauce if you like to give it a kick as well as a sophisticated look.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


  1. Bread pudding is one of my favorite desserts. This recipe is one I will definitely try. Thank you.


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