Pie Crust / Apple Pie

Every time I make a pie, especially an apple pie, I remember La Calera. La Calera was the name of urbanization we used to live when at Perú. Bianca was 4 years old, and Marcela almost 3. I can see the little house, with not a lot of furniture but with a room for my pequeñitas. For the first time, I was not going to sleep in the same room with them, happiness and sadness filled my heart. I remember decorating the room; a bunk bed,  2 matching desks that were actually from my husband's and his brother's room when they were little, the pinkish bassinet fill with dolls and stuffed toys that told me the room was for two little girls. In the same bassinet, my youngest used to play her favorite game: "Bianca look at me! I am the baby, my hands and fingernails are little, I will be baby and sleep. You clean the room, I am baby and you are the mamá". I placed Rugrats posters on the walls, their little trunk that look like a stove and my old cassette recorder. The girls always love music, we did everything with music. Wake up to songs, play with songs, clean with songs, cook with songs. I remember looking out from the corner of my eye and see both of them talking, trying to sneak in the kitchen while the apple filling was bubbling on the stove, little as they were they wanted to be up with me making the pies that I sold to little stores, they always help and run to my aide when there were broken pieces, they run to serve pie to any person that put foot in our little home; one time even to the guy that brought the morning bread home, I run inside to grab the money we owned him for the bread he brought us every morning and my fast girls were faster,  Bianca bringing the pie and Marcela the spoon; they always knew there were sweets in the house sometimes they shared what was already sold or compromised, Jajaja. And then we run again to make some more.

Here are my one day little girls, making brownies at mamamama house. Mamamama showed both of them how to make their first Brownie, after that it was history. 

A Word About Pie Crust

This is for me the best and most versatile pie crust. Good for flaky, mealy, and I also use it for pie tarts. For flaky; make sure the butter is really cold and when cutting the butter-in, leave bigger pieces of fat before adding the liquid. For mealy; use soft butter and make sure you refrigerate for 30 minutes. For tart use cold butter and cut the fat in until it looks coarse. Refrigerate 15 minutes and roll, don't forget to pock holes in the bottom and to blind bake them.

Pie Crust Ingredients

1 1/4 cups All-purpose Flour
1 Tblsp Sugar
4 oz. Cold Butter, diced
1 egg yolk (optional)
3 Tblsp Cold Milk (evaporated is best) or 3 Tblsp Cold Water

Pie Crust Procedure by Hand (for Apple Pie I use the mealy dough)

In a large bowl, mix the flour and sugar. Using a pastry blender incorporate the butter. Cut it in until it looks grainy-coarse altogether.

In a small bowl, with the help of a fork, mix the rest of ingredients.

Push the flour mixture to the sides, making a small well in the middle and add the liquid. Start blending the mixture together with your tool, until is dough-like. Immediately transfer dough into plastic wrap and place the dough in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Pie Crust Procedure by Food Processor

In the cup of the food processor place the flour and sugar, pulse a couple times.

Add the butter, pulse until grainy-coarse.

Open food processor and add the rest of the ingredients, pulse until dough is formed, it will circle around.

Wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

For the filling

Peel and Diced 6 to 8 medium apples. Melt 4 Tblsp butter, add the apples, mix and turned for a few minutes, add the brown sugar and raisins (optional). Stir and cook the mixture, incorporate some lime, a pinch of salt. If you want to thicken it, you could use some corn starch. I like to do mine with just cooking off the liquid until it thickens. But sometimes it reduces way too much, Jaja. Season with clove powder and cinnamon.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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