Hummus From Regular Cooked Garbanzo Beans


The very first thing to know about Hummus, is that its distinctive taste comes from the Tahini Sauce, then our first step is to make our own Tahini sauce. ( In some gourmet stores you can find the Tahini sauce available for purchase) 

Toast the sesame seeds , about a cup, cool them; place the seeds in a blender with olive oil, you might need 1/2 to 1 cup of the oil. You are looking for a consistency like the one you see in a B├ęchamel Sauce while the sauce is hot (when B├ęchamel is cold it tends to thicken). Transfer to a glass jar and use as need it in different dishes.

In the cup of a blender place all the following ingredients:

Garbanzo, 1 can rinse and drained (about 1 1/2 cups)
Roasted Garlic, about 1 head
1 tsp of cumin
Few drops of lime, to taste
Sea Salt, to taste
Tahini sauce, about 1/4 cup, add more if you like the flavor.
Add 1 tbsp of olive oil.


Add water and blend; here comes the tricky part, water amount varies, sometimes garbanzos are more or less dry. You need to adjust the water, remember you want a smooth consistency, something you can spread or dip your chips on. You do not want your chips to stay in the bowl every time you reach into your dip.

Healthy ideas

Use crudites instead of chips or bread.
Spread in sandwiches to add more protein to your meal.
Use it as a mid-morning snack.

    On the picture, I spread the hummus on a single layer directly onto a  platter; and then spread a single layer of sour cream follow with chopped cilantro.

    Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy!!!


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