Egg Salad Sandwich

When you plan a party, one of the hardest things for the hostess is to calculate the amount of food that it needs be serve. Some classics like this one, is just so easy that I always forget to show my kids how to do it. I had done it on my own for so long that is hard to think that now my kids will make their own parties. I still remember on Bianca's 5th birthday, she passed the little sandwiches to all the guests in the party with such a firm hand. Big trays of sandwiches in such little hands. She greet, smile and even explain which ones she helped prepared,  point it to the ones her mamamama had made with little comments like "I think you will like this best", if she knew you better and knew they like spicy she quickly run to get her mama Julita's sandwiches, she explain they "pican but drink a little of water or chicha", that she of course run to grab. I can close my eyes and see her vaguely fading away with her panties, and her dress sort of yellow with tiny blue designs. She had a little sweater with I think a pañuelo in her neck. She smiled the whole time, the whole day. Her mamamama always let her make the sandwiches for the cafeteria and she always watch how we got ready for caterings.My mother in law, mamamama, show me how to make most of the tea sandwiches.
BIANCA YOU HAVEN'T CHANGE MUCH FROM THAT LITTLE GIRL. I can't wait until you have your little girl one day. By the way Bi, there was also a piñata in your party that you manage to grab a lot under your dress, but you share with Marcela and Andrea.

Ingredients for 64 small tea sandwiches:

24 large hard boiled eggs
Mayo, about 1/2 Cup
Water, about 1/4 Cup. To thin down the mayo
Dried Parsley
3 oz Bacon Bits
Granulated Garlic
Fine Grounded Pepper
Fine Salt
2 Grandma Sycamore Bread Loaf
A little extra mayo
A good Bread Knife


Using an egg cutter, slice the eggs in both ways, straight into a large bowl. Mix mayo, water, bacon bits and dried parsley in a small bowl. Incorporate the mayo mixture into the eggs and with folding movements incorporate and season with the garlic, fine pepper and salt. 

Place bread down with their matching piece on a long cutting board, then make the action of opening the bread. You will have both insides looking at you. Go ahead and thinly spread mayo on both sides.

Then with the help of a fork accommodate the egg salad on one side of the bread, cover and press lightly. 

Using an electric knife or a good bread knife trim the crust edges of the sandwich and cut in triangles, or, squares, or, rectangular shapes.

To keep, store in a good plastic boxes, place paper towel in between sandwiches. You can make them one night in advance.

You will get 64 to 68 little sandwiches

And don't forget a party is never difficult if you plan ahead and divide the amount of work in several days, and several hands if possible.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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