Cauliflower "Rice"

A while ago, I fall in love with this "rice", not my recipe but from a really good cooking book, primal blueprints, that i still have and use for a few favorites we found in there. My favorite Cauliflower Recipe used to be Coliflor Arrebozada, which is cauliflowers previously cooked in water and then dip in a batter and then fry in a pan, that was my childhood favorite. This "Rice" had bring back the love for this vegetable. It has showed me that there is no such a thing as only one way to eat something. Hope you like it, as much as i did


1 Cauliflower Head, previously steam, or, boiled; and completely cooled. 

Food Processor with the grater attachment.

Butter or Olive Oil, just a little bit, like a Tblsp or less

Salt, to taste


  • Just Shred the Cauliflower, in the food processor, 

  • Place it in a large platter.

  • From here decide how you want to eat it, you could heat a Saute-pan and saute the butter and the cauliflower together, with a little bit of salt; or give it a little flavor with some salt and the oil and tossing it around, with out the need of the Saute-Pan.

  • A while back I even attempt Fried "Rice"

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


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