J.L Roast Beef

J.L. Roast Beef, is my husband's favorite.  I named this dish in the name of my husband, Jose Luis, we actually used elk, which is his favorite meat. Give this a try, is easy and a thousand times better than store bought deli roast beef.


Top Round Beef, Prime Rib, desire size
3 parts coarse sea salt
1 part cumin
1 part fresh grounded pepper
1 part smoked paprika
1 part granulated garlic


1. Prep Beef accordingly; remove excess of fat (keep the white fat), score beef on both ways, if scoring over the fat, make sure to score all the way into the fat.

2. Get roasting pan ready, make sure to place griddle over the roasting pan, to allow hot air to circulate around the meat, and pre-heat oven to a 500*F.

3. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and rub meat whit it.

4. Brush with olive oil, and cook for 15 minutes or until you see a nice crust on the beef. Remove. Bring oven temperature down to 325*F , and return to oven until internal temperature reaches 135*F (if you like it more rare try internal temperature to 120*F)

5. Bring out of oven and quickly wrap with plastic wrap, place in refrigerator until the next day.

6. Slice thin, use it to make sandwiches,  wraps, add to consomme or salads, etc.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


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