Roasted Charred Peppers

The smell of roasted peppers is so sweet that it fills you with anticipation.
They are the perfect ingredient of the antipasto platter, but the addition to roasted peppers to something so simple like an Omelet or Panini sandwich  to the more complex dishes like paellas or sauces, I thinks makes them a good one to grow in your gardens or to buy by the lot, and process them yourself !!!

What You Will Need !!!

Assorted Peppers (red, orange, green, yellow, purple)
Oil Spray (if made in oven broiler)
Metal Tongues for hot use (if made on fire)
A metal bowl
Plastic Wrap
Pint Jars, ring and Lids

Oven-Broiler Way

( This way is somehow easier, but not my first option)

Set your Oven Broiler on High.

Arrange the Peppers (leaving them whole) on a sheet pan and spray them with oil, making sure you spray oil on all sides of the pepper.

Take them to the Broiler and with the help of tongs and every 5 minutes or so, open the oven and turn the peppers, to help them charred on all sides.

*After all sides look charred; place the peppers on a stain-steel bowl and cover with plastic wrap, to allow them to sweat, when they sweat the skin will separate from the flesh of the pepper.

After a few minutes, from 5 to 10, uncover, and carefully; with out breaking the flesh, remove the charred skin and seeds.

Place the flesh of the peppers on mason-jars, add literally one pinch of salt and one pinch of sugar into each jar.

When you have done all the jars, quickly add pipping hot water into each jar, close it with the lid and the ring; and place the jar on a pressure cooker, cover with very hot water and set the pressure for 5 minutes. After leave the jars to cool on the counter-top until next day. Then make sure they are seal correctly, by pressing the top of the lid, it should offer resistance and do not spring back.

Over Direct Fire

Turn the fire of your stove-top or grill on, on high.
Using tongs to grab the peppers, hold them over direct fire, making sure that all sides get charred.
Then Proceed like in the above section*

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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