Classic Brownies, Arcentales Family

Mamamama Kitchen, Miraflores, Lima Peru, year 1999
Bianca (5), on the left, Marcela(3) on the right

A recipe is not just a recipe, you will always find me saying that. For me, a recipe has always a memory that is attached to it. When I make a recipe I always evoke the first time I made it. In today days, people just click away for a recipe, in my times, we have to invent them, or receive a recipe from mom, dad, a friend, a magazine, the newspaper, or waiting with a pen to write down whatever you could catch from the TV.

I suppose that this recipe has gone out in many ways out, as my Mother in Law was a cooking instructor. I imagine it has gone around the world. But, what I do not need to imagine, but remember is the day she taught me how to make it; she has shown me many recipes, but this one is the first one me and she showed the girls.

-Mamamama, that is the name Bianca baptized my mother in law with, por que preparas brownies,? mamamama, por que haces brownies tan ricos? 
-Mama, la mamamama prepara unos riiiiiicos brownies! pero tu tambien los preparas,.. y yo! cuando voy a preparar?

The reasoning that Bianca will put into what she said was always so funny (sorry I know I wrote it down in Spanish, but I cannot change the memories, in those days, we were all Spanish speaking), she had a nag to get what she wanted, especially from her grandmas.

UPDATE 5/11/20
Yesterday was Mother's Day. I now have a GRANDAUGHTER, her name is Julia. I asked my daughter that I would like to make a video with her. My little one came over today, and did more than what I expected for her little age, she is not even 2! I will keep on making brownies with her all the time from now on, and next year we will do a video again. I am busy this week, so I will soon post the video link


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