Rosemary & Garlic Country Deli Turkey

What can be better than making your own deli meats. Is not just more natural but it gives you the control of the amount of salt that you will eat, not even mentioning the different flavors that you can achieve.


1 Turkey Breast ( Defrosted and Clean excess of fat )
2 Rosemary Springs ( 1 whole, 1 minced )
4 Parsley Springs ( separate leafs, and keep the sticks)
1 Cup Garlic Cloves
1 Onion (roughly chopped)
1 Carrot ( roughly chopped )
3 Bay Leafs
Olive oil, as need it
Salt, to taste


1. Place Turkey in a large pot and cover with cold water, add a little bit of salt.

2. Boil turkey, and skim all the foam. When no more foam forms, add : whole rosemary spring, the sticks from the parsley,  about 5 garlic cloves, onion, carrot and bay leafs. Turn the heat down and simmer.

3. Insert a thermometer and set temperature to 165*F,, keep simmering until the thermometer reaches the desire temperature.

4. Mean while in a small pot (just big enough to hold 1 1/2 cups) place the rest of the garlic and cover the garlic with olive oil, place the pot on the stove at medium fire, until garlic is tender.

5. When garlic is tender, take off the fire and with a hand blender work it until it looks like a paste. Mix in minced Rosemary ( do not use the blender for mixing-in). Turn oven on,  to 350*F.

6. When turkey reaches the desire temperature,  remove from the simmering water and place in a roasting pan (or use a sheet-pan with a metal rack), pock little holes on the turkey, and proceed to rub the garlic mixture. Place the roasting pan in the oven and roast until golden.

7. Turkey is cooked, so you do not need to re-temp. Only roast until is golden.

8. Get turkey out of the oven and wrap very tightly with plastic wrap. Poke some tiny holes to allow cooling. Place in fridge until cool.

9. Slice thin and  eat with with a nice crusty roll.

Good To Know:

  • If an aggressive boiling is allowed instead of a nice steady simmering, your meat will harden.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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