Tri Tip Steak on Crostini Bread topped with Chimichurri.

First things first, Chimichurri is an Argentine Sauce that is enjoy over asados, chrrascos, steaks and more. A really good friend of my husband came to my home the week that my son was born, his present to me was : Asado, meaning that he grilled awesome beef for me, he explained me a bunch and also made the chimichurri, I  still can not do the beef he made, the way he master the bricks and the fire, the amount of salt on the beef was perfect, I can savour every bite still. But the Chimichurri stick with me. Our friend name was Carlos, we missed him but are sure he is making asado and Chimichurri in heaven for all of the Angels, 


1 bunch fine chopped parsley
2 small whole heads of garlic, minced
Olive Oil, as needed
Season with
Cayenne Pepper or just pepper
Vinegar from wine

  • Make the sauce by hand, do not use food processor, (you may process the garlic in the food processor, but not the parsley, but do not use the processor as a mean to make the chimichurri) Enjoy over your Steaks, roast beef, as the spread of a panini sandwich or a wrap.
  • Thin the sauce with vinegar and could be your marinade.
  • Goes well with bake potato. 
  • In one of the places I used to work, Chef Adam served it like little bites using tortilla chips, but I do not like it that way, thou it was good as well; i think bread is better, because in Argentine they eat this kinds of breads.., their food is very much influence by Italy. 

With this little tray I said goodbye to a beautiful young lady that is leaving to Uruguay on her mission. We wish for her the best!

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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