Strawberry Trifle

When you have no idea what to do with just a little piece of cake left. Try this!!! Great for that middle of the week day, to make your family happy. Be sure to make a light dinner to make up for the calories. Make it in little shot glasses if you are having a party with many desserts !!!


1 recipe of sponge cake or any cake  ( you can make it from scratch or use a commercial box)
1 batch of  Strawberry Coulis, spiked with rum, brandy or Bourbon Whiskey, you may or may not cook off the alcohol, How To Cook The Alcohol Off , depending on your likeness. (if you want it without alcohol, flavor it with an extract, like mint or rum or almond)
1 lb strawberry
8 oz Mascarpone
1 Cup heavy cream (to make Chantilly / whipped cream)
Powder Sugar , to taste
pinch of Salt
4 Table spoons Brandy, Rum or Bourbon Whiskey, with the alcohol cooked off or straight if you prefer.
 Nutmeg, to taste


1. Make ahead your cake and your coulis. Allow both to completely cool.

2. Make the Chantilly,  reserve in a bowl. Stabilized Chantilly

3. In the same bowl that you make Chantilly (no need to wash It), whisk the Mascarpone with a couple pinches of nutmeg, salt, powder sugar to taste and your choice of liquor or extract.

4. When the Mascarpone is fluffy, incorporate the reserved Chantilly and whisk to mix.

5. Place the Mascarpone preparation In a decorator plastic bag fitted with a large plain tip. If you do not have one, just use a zip-lock bag and cut of one end corner to be the tip.

6. Dice part of the strawberries, a little over half, reserve.

7. Assemble: Start with some of the coulis on bottom, place cake over it, coulis again, strawberries, Mascarpone, cake, coulis, fruit, Mascarpone. Repeat and finish with Mascarpone. Refrigerate.

8. Decorate with the rest of the strawberries before serving and add some of the coulis on top for a nice look.

9. You can use different berries or fruits that are juicy and rich, like mango, chirimoya, guanabana, nectarines, peaches in light syrup, etc

10. Combine flavors, if you are using strawberries, maybe use a mango coulis like i did.

 Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy.


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