Stabilized Chantilly

Many of you know this as Whipped Cream, many of you probably like to buy the commercial can of ready whipped cream, but for me that is a waste of money not even count flavor.

Why money, and don't tell me that you have never buy one of those and one of this things haven't happened:
    a. The tip brakes off and you only use it once or twice.
    b. You use it and save it for the next day, but it does not work anymore.
    c.  It easily disappear in the mouths of the kids and/or adults that open your fridge, before you can use it on your next dessert.
   d.   It does not hold it's shape for long, and you will either make a new one or add to the same one, spending more that you wanted.

Flavor, well that is easy to prove. Make the Recipe that will follow and buy a can and compare the results. not only the Chantilly is richer in flavor, the texture of it allows you to use it to frost and decorate a cake, to fill your eclairs or other pastries with confidence, it will not go flat on you. We use it on my friend wedding to top our little J-ello Shots Glasses, and they were outside in a warm day for about 4 hours and did never went flat.

I've been making Chantilly since age 7, when i made my first cake for my dad's birthday on an electric portable oven in my dad's repair shop. Since then i had never change the recipe, but I have to mentioned thou my Culinary Arts teacher, Nancy!! she show me how to make the Stabilized Chantilly. Which is the exact same recipe plus one very useful ingredient.

Stabilized Chantilly

4 Cups Heavy Whipped Cream (very cold)
1/2 Cup Powder Sugar (sifted)
4 tsp of Knox (or clear gelatin powder) follow manufacturer directions in how to dissolve it before incorporating to your recipe.
1 Tablespoon clear vanilla, or any other flavoring extract you like. Including Powdered Chocolate

1. Place Heavy Cream in your mixer bowl.
2. Attach your mixer with your whisk fitting.
3. Beat at the highest speed until soft peaks start forming.
4. While still whisking add the powder sugar. little by little.
5. When hard peaks start forming, while still whisking incorporate the dissolve Knox and stop.
6. Now you can use it to frost a cake or place in a decorative bag to decorate cakes, pastries, or any sweet preparation you prefer.

Keep refrigerate in a seal container for up to 3 days, but mix by folding before you use it.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy.


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