How to Cook Quinoa, Red or White


I used to put faces when my mom was cooking Quinoa, jaja those times. I did not appreciate food for their nutrient content, only if they were sweet and yummy.

Quinoa is an ancient grain that has gain it's popularity because of his high content in proteins even so is consider a grain. Also its low glycemic content makes it the best replacement when considering to avoid or substitute rice or pastas.

Something to remember; is that the Inka Civilization raised their people with this and other grains, they domesticated the wild quinoa to feed the population and wild quinoa grew in the mountains and animals fed on it. Contrary to what many people think Inkas were tall men, they were a very strong race. 
Quinoa is very versatile and it can manage to be a great salad, or a main meal dish, a dessert, it can be transform in the most delicious cereal for breakfast, it can be use to bread fish or any meat, you can even grounded and make pasta or use it like a flour, and more.


1 Cup Quinoa
4 Cups Water


  1. Wash Quinoa thoroughly, rub it with your hands like if you were washing clothes, wash and rinse 3 or 4 times.
  2. Place the Quinoa in a pot with 4 cups water and cook undisturbed until the little grains of Quinoa burst open and they  look like little threads. Do not over cook, it will get mushy, it should still have a bite to it.
  3. Place it in a fine sifter (like the ones you use to sift flour), drain under running cold water. Cool it really well and keep it in the sifter for a bit longer to aid into draining all the water out.
  4. Quinoa will look fluffy, and ready to use in any preparation.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy.

P.S, I did not forgot Salt, Do not cook Quinoa with Salt, Trust Me, Do not cook Quinoa on a Stock neither. season to your preference after is ready.


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