How To Cook The Alcohol Off

If some of you are questioning WHY ? is she going to cook the alcohol off, the answer is a bit complex.

  • The first one will be because i live in Utah, most people here do not drink alcohol and sometimes the inclusion of alcohol in a recipe is a big NO-NO.

  • The Second reason is sometimes like my case, which is KIDS. We do not give alcohol to minors, no matter how little it is. Please not give it to them you could hurt your kids in a way that is hard to explain and hard to comeback from. (will leave it there, my blog is about food, not about life lectures :) )

  • The third Reason for me is to intensify flavors, when you cook off the alcohol the flavor stays and is stronger and deeper, like when I cook of the bourbon whiskey off, I feel that the oak flavor and aroma that is in it, it intensifies.

  • And the Last Reason for me is the SHOW, it does looks awesome specially when you go to a restaurant and they do it table side, or even in your kitchen, your kids will go like WAOOO.

To cook the alcohol by itself and use in a recipe, place the double the amount you need in a stain-steel shallow saute-pan and turn the fire on. It will heat very quick, then tilt a bit to let the fire from the stoves caught the alcohol and it will lit on, when the fire goes off, is your sign that it is done.
To cook the alcohol when in a recipe, do the same as above but instead of adding to the empty saute-pan, add it to the food right at the end of cooking time.

Have fun Cooking and Enjoy !!!


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