Keeping your Ginger

I love Ginger (kion), from it's fresh fragrant taste and smell, to the mild spicy hot sensation when you bite on it, but the spicy hot sensation is cover easily when candied, or when mince and sofry at the beginning of the cooking process. And remember it all depends what do you need it for, but I am sure that if you take your time to understand this weird looking root, it will be a great addition to your kitchen ingredients. Read about the medicinal uses of Ginger to have more excuses to get a hold of this Root. I can only mention about a few because there are to many:

Lowering Cholesterol
Arthritis Pain (I do not know if they rub it in or consume it)
Cancer Prevention, 
Well there is a lot more to know about Ginger, Follow the link to Wikipedia to learn more, but mean while remember that it won't hurt you to try a Ginger Lemonade during this coming Summer, or just add some drops of Ginger Extract to your water pitch,

  • Wrap Ginger in a Kitchen Towel and place in a Ziploc bag, keep it in your refrigerator in the crisper drawer. This way of saving your whole root is easy and it allows you to keep your Ginger for a long time, I tried this and it lasted 2 months, and when I used my ginger it was  still looking great.

  • But, you can also have your Ginger ready to go. And preserved it in a different way. Peel the Ginger and spread the skin in a sheet pan, take it to freeze and then after is frozen, place it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Use this peel skin in stocks. Specially if you want to have a super good stock!!!, In your next Chicken Noodle Soup, add a couple of those and remove before serving, the ginger will help not just the flavor but if you are sick you will feel so much better, and don't forget some drops of lime to the broth as well !!!

  • Continuing with the flesh of the Ginger, we need to mince the Ginger either with a knife (THE BEST WAY) or with a food processor when out of time, mince by pulsing.
  • Transfer the ginger to a small container with lid and cover with canola oil. 

  • But if you are interested in that yummy lemonade..... grab a cheese cloth and place it on a plate, add all the minced ginger and press the juices out and use on the same day. If you have a juice extractor, go for it !!! Wished I save you a cup of that Lemonade.
  • Use you Ginger in Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, Indian and many other dishes.


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