Beef, Onions and Potatoes Sauté with Indian Spices Balti Style

First, I am not an expert in Indian food, most of the time to make Indian food I will follow an Indian cookbook.  But this dish is easy and is my version of a dish I ate at an Indian restaurant, to be sincere I did not order this dish, my friend did, but we tasted it each other dishes. The dish she order was with chicken and I think it had peppers and pineapple, I always cook with what I have in hand, also they served a nice Naan Bread, but my daughter wanted Pita Bread, they told us that they eat it alone with the bread, but that in some areas they serve rice as well to accompany the yummy dishes, I am serving with rice inside the pita bread, like a sandwich. Most of the dishes were from lamb meat, but mine is not, thou i really like lamb is a bit pricier, so I try it with regular beef. Here it goes, give it a try!

(This is not an exact recipe, all the spices should be to your own likeliness)

1 Cup thin slice beef. (Use a beef good for sautéing)
1/2 of a large onion (cut in thin wedges)
1 medium size gold potato (waxy) cut into quarters and the slice thin.
seasonings: ground fennel seeds, powder ginger, ground coriander and cumin, garlic, cayenne.
Oils, use butter as an oil (not need to be clarified) but if health is a concern, go ahead use olive oil. I use a combination of both. And also a ginger and pepper flavored oil.


1. Heat a heavy bottom pan, then add the oil.

2. Sauté the onion for about 1 to 2 minutes, add the potatoes, season with sea salt and pepper (just a little), make sure there is enough grease to cook and cover at low temperature. Check and stir.

3. When potatoes are almost done, push the sauté to the sides of the pan, forming a circle. Add some grease to the middle and cook half of the meat or all if your sauté pan is large enough.

4. When adding the beef make sure fire is all the way up. Saute quick and this time season the beef with the mentioned seasonings, go strong on the fennel and cumin, then the ginger should be there by very subtle, don't forget to salt the dish and after beef is almost done mix together with the onions and potatoes, add some water to get some juice and the flavors from the pan.

5. Serve on the same pan, with the pita bread and the rice. We made sandwiches, little rice and beef. Is not exactly what they told us but it worked for us.


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