Left Overs for Any Occasion

After a week of cooking and baking we always have left over food. Little tapper wares  fill with all the yummy things we ate a few days ago, are now in need of a new life. It is true that some dishes are good to just be reheat, but there are some others that will never taste the same and also sometimes the left over amount of it, its not really a meal for one.

In many cafeterias and small restaurants the use of left overs is very common. It actually represents a nice challenge for the cooks, because it shows their creativity and enthusiasm to minimize waste. Food can be reheated and this gives it life again, the rule if I am not wrong, is to reheat only twice and to make sure the temperature reaches 165*F, after that needs to be thrown out. (Reheating can only happen if food was save according to the rules)

At food preparation establishments, left overs are sadly thrown away very soon, chefs have to take decisions to whether keep or reuse. Keep to use it in part of other meal preparations or if the risk is to high and it needs to be thrown out. In our homes we have to take the same decisions. We can follow our sense of sight, smell, touch and taste ! (most of the time you don't get to the trying). Make the habit of labeling and put the date on it. Giving date to your tapper-wares helps you to keep track, most things depending of their food ingredient content will last 7 days, but don't forget follow your senses; better safe than sorry.

I will give you an example, on Monday we made a large platter of salad; and last night...there it was. Still good vegetables, but their look was not at its best anymore. I heated my large sauté pan, add olive oil. And to the pan went the left over salad !!!(except the little romaine that was on the platter), I also add: 1 small gold potato (julienne). Sauté it all together, seasoning at the same time with garlic, oregano and salt.

The saute left over veggies and potatoes before adding the egg mixture
Heat oven to 325*F. When the veggies and potatoes are done, turn it off and incorporate 4 eggs (previously beaten with 1/4 cup of milk) and a little bit of mozzarella. Take the pan to the oven until is set, maybe 5" to 10". But on the last minutes before is completely done add a bit more of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and crank the oven up or turn the broiler on. this will give your dish a little crunch on the top, that i assure you it will be welcome by your happy eaters. Serve with some toasts, (I burnt my toast, jaja, still good)
and as easy as that!! we just made a Frittata, some people don't put potatoes on frittatas but I do.

Serve straight from the pan, I made some toasts in the oven with cheese, Got distracted and they burnt, Still OK to eat!!

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


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