Canary Beans.

There are many types of beans in Peru, so many I cannot remember. I do remember the array of colors from the beans when at the Mercado (street market). But there is only one that represents PerĂº, the Frejol Canario. 

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Canary beans are yellow, like the bird, when cooked it takes a nice light brown color, and a very soft satin texture. They have a buttery taste and are great when puree. 
We eat them in different recipes, from nice lemony salads, to cooked the stew way, or puree. Canary beans are use to make the frejoles colados (sweet bean paste), we puree them and cook them with sugar and milk, spices and sesame seeds. You could use this spread instead of Peanut Butter.
Here you have a picture of the dry beans and a little explanation into How to cooked them :


1 lb Canary Beans (soaked for at least 4 hours, all night when possible)
6 to 8 Cups water
Pork Meat, (choose a fatty piece), If not using pork meat, make sure to add 1 Tblsp of oil to the water.


1. Place beans in a pressure cooker. Set for 40 to 45 minutes
2. Let the pressure cooker release it's pressure on it's own. Don't rush it.
3. Cool if not planning to use immediately or proceed with the chosen preparation. 

Good to Know:

* Do not use the meat, but add 1 Tblsp oil instead. It works great !! I never have fatty pork meat around, and most of the time my beans are to make sweets, so the meat flavor in it does not really work.
* Freeze the beans for later use in small portions.
* Get your wive a electric pressure cooker.
* If you do not own a pressure cooker, just use a regular pot, around 2 hours and a half of cooking, until beans are soft.  (adding water hot water if need it)
*Canary Beans are easy on your tummy, if you enjoy Refried Beans you could switch the Pinto Beans for the Canary.

Have Fun Cooking and Enjoy


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