Tortillas de Maiz

(Mexican Cuisine)


2 Cups Maseca

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

2 Cups very warm water (approximate)


1. In a mixing bowl combine the maseca and the salt.

2. Fit mixer with the paddle fitting,  start mixer (speed #2).

3. Carefully add the warm water. Only add the amount of water need it to form the dough. (sometimes I need less water or more water that indicated above. Weather needs to be considered when adding liquid to doughs)

4. When your dough is form, knead for about 5 minutes. Form it into a ball and cover it with a wet kitchen cloth, (make sure the cloth touches the dough). Leave to rest for at least an hour at either room temperature or in a proofing oven at the lowest setting.

5. Divide the dough into small rounded portions, the size you choose to make your tortillas depends on what your application will be, you can do them tiny for appetizers, medium and thin for enchiladas, medium for tacos. Also at this point you can use them to make the yummy Gorditas from El Salvador or Arepas from Venezuela (not really familiar but I ate them and it seems they use the same dough)

6. Line the bottom of your tortilla press with a plastic wrap and place the rounded dough, place another plastic wrap on top and press firmly. Open and twist on either direction the tortilla, and press again. If you want  thinner tortillas, use a roller pin; but keep the tortilla in between the plastic while rolling them.

7. To Fry your tortillas, heat a cast iron, grease the pan, and cook them on both sides. Keep them in a plastic bag for later use.

Things to know 

  • What is maseca? Is like saying masa=dough and seca=dry. Is the same maiz that we use for tamales in Peru, we soak, dry and ground the maiz to use it. For the maseca there is one step further the ground part is finer and after is dry again and from that flour we make tortillas. I am still finding out more things about the maiz use for tortillas, there is more than one kind, I will update this in the future.
  • Keep the dough wrap in a humid kitchen cloth, it does NOT need refrigeration,  actually when I used my dough THE DAY AFTER it was better.
  • Use this kind of tortilla dough for making tortilla chips, just make your tortillas and either deep fried them or bake them until crunchy.
Mini Soft Pork Taquitos, love this for appetizers!!!

    Gorditas, is not from the Mexican Cuisine but i believe Salvador
    Cover the Gordita then grab flat in your hand and press together, like making it look like one tortilla.

    Fry them in a very hot greased pan (greased means that you oil your pan with the help of a paper, you are not to fry in oil. 


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